Club FAQs

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How does Ponderosa Aero Club work and what does it cost?

Ponderosa Aero Club is a 501(c)(7) not-for-profit social club that provides members with access to general aviation aircraft and training. Aircraft are owned by club members and leased back to the club. Staff salaries, rent, and operating expenses are financed from dues and fees.

Initial membership is $800 and annual fees for years 2-5 are $175/year. After five years' continuous active membership, annual fees cease. In addition to membership, monthly dues are $105/month, minus a $30 fly-back credit any month a member flies.

Can non-members rent your aircraft?

No. Only club members may use club aircraft.

My friend is a CFI. If I join the club, can she be my instructor?

All training in club aircraft must be given by club instructors.

My business needs require frequent three or four day trips. What are the costs for taking a club aircraft on a multi-day trip?

We will assess a minimum of 2 hours per night. In other words, if you have the airplane four days and three nights, your tab would be 6 hours or the actual Hobbs time, whichever is greater.

Are there any limitations for airports on which club aircraft can land?

In general for non-backcountry flying, only paved runways are allowed. Murphy (1U3) is off-limits due to the poor condition of its runway. Night operations at Jackpot (06U) are not allowed.

I will be in the Boise area for several days and am interested in getting some backcountry instruction. Can Ponderosa help me out?

You could join the club and then get instruction:

Membership $800
Backcountry aircraft $165/hour x 10 hours
Backcountry CFI $70/hour x 10 hours
Total $3,100

What qualifications do I need to fly a Ponderosa aircraft?

To find the minimum pilot qualifications for each aircraft, select Our Aircraft from the drop-down list under The Club in the menu bar. For the airplane in question, click the More Info button and expand Basics by clicking on the plus (+) sign. Scroll down to find Club Requirements for the aircraft.