Welcome to PAC, Emily!

We are excited to welcome our newest club staff member, Emily Foster!  Emily recently moved to Idaho from California, but not before she finished working toward her private pilot license.  She climbed the ranks of her Civil Air Patrol Squadron, is active in her church and community, and even has a nomination to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy!  Well, before the Air Force takes her, we get to avail of her strong work ethic and friendly personality, and help her complete earning her private pilot license!

Welcome aboard, Emily!!


Santa’s reindeer…

…are tucked away and waiting to take flight. Eight tucked away in the “stable” and a little one with a red nose to lead the way.




Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) at Ponderosa Aero Club!

Did you know that Sharki is an Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI)?  This means that she is qualified to assist in the training and education of members while on the ground.  If you are a club member working on your private pilot license or perhaps an additional rating, Sharki could be a great resource for you and your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) during your training.  Just log onto MyFBO and find her in the schedule.  Select her directly and do not select an aircraft (because she cannot give you ground instruction while flying!).

New (to PAC) Cessna Turbo 210!

We are pleased to have a Turbo 210 coming back to the club.  N732SA has come to us from its former home in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  This beautiful aircraft includes a Garmin 480 GPS, multi-function display, S-TEC 55X autopilot, and enough useful load and speed to take the entire family and baggage to Seattle for a long weekend in about 2 hours of flight time.  It is parked in the T-hangar and venerable 65W is now being parked in the shade hangar.

The club’s same minimum PIC requirements that were in effect for N101CT apply to N732SA.  Basically, the PIC must have an IFR rating, although instrument currency is not required.

Come out and enjoy getting to know this new airplane!

Review the POH for Santa’s Sleigh!

Please be advised that a separate make and model checkout is required for any club member wishing to fly Santa’s Sleigh.  Click the link below to review.

Santa’s Sleigh POH

Avialogs.com 2013 – Published under Creative Common license CC BY-SA

The Golden Rule (of Flying Clubs)

“Do unto other flying club members as you would have other flying club members do unto you.”

I saw this in action yesterday when a plane came back from flying and needed fuel before the next flight.  Line crew were already gone for the day (as they typically work from 13:00 to 16:00) and three members were in the office chatting.  These three members rallied to help the next pilot fuel the airplane, so she could get on her way.

Generally speaking, the returning pilot should re-fuel the airplane and put it back in its parking place if line crew isn’t available.  That is, if a pilot returns early in the morning and another flight is scheduled to depart before line crew arrive, the early pilot should re-fuel and have the plane ready for the next pilot to take.  Similarly, if a pilot returns in the evening and the plane is scheduled to fly the next morning, the returning pilot should re-fuel and have the plane ready for the morning pilot to take.  All it takes is for each club member to be mindful of when the next flight will be, so that the airplane can be ready to go.  

The bottom line is that if you want an airplane ready when you get there, leave the airplane ready-to-go after you bring it back.  The Golden Rule (of Flying Clubs) results in positive member engagement, aircraft that are ready-to go, and overall happier members.


Jason Dodds is a fixed wing VFR Pilot

December 7

Jason Dodds is a helicopter pilot rated in the US and Canada. In the US he holds a Commercial Rotocraft Certificate. In Canada his rating is called Transport Canada Commercial Rotocraft Certificate. Jason joined Ponderosa Aero Club to learn to fly fixed wing aircraft. On December 7, 2018 Jason earned his fixed wing private pilot add-on certificate with CFI Justin Perkins. Jason went immediately into training with CFII Justin Perkins to obtain his Instrument Airplane Rating. His goal is to fy for the airlines, even though he has plenty of experience flying helicopters for search & rescue, heli-skiing (Part 135), fire fighting, power lines, and the list goes on and on.

David Thomas is now IFR Rated

Halloween 2017

Dave Thomas earned his Instrument rating on Halloween! Should we be scared?? Just kidding. This is a huge acheivement for Dave and CFII Jamie Boesiger. Dave was Jamie’s first student to earn an IFR rating, so they both accomplished a “1st”. Congratulations! The DPE who signed Dave’s certificate was Julian Pridmore-Brown.

Sharki gets her Commercial Multi-engine Certificate

October 25

Sharki Kontra passed her Multi-Engine Instrument Commercial checkride on October 25th in the Club’s PA34-220T Seneca III. After an oral review, completing multiple maneuvers and simulated single engine approaches, DPE Julian Pridmore-Brown signed her logbook and provided her a new certificate. Her instructor was Rick Reierson.

Andrew Wheeler solos!!

Way to go Andrew Wheeler! The day was beautiful, everything was just right then the ATC moved him to Runway 10L. Like a pro he adjusted and took control mastering his take offs and landings. Great work Andrew!!! Andrew is training with CFI Brett Boesiger.