Mission Statement

Ponderosa Aero Club is a 501(c)(7) social club providing affordable and quality flight training, a diverse fleet of aircraft rentals, and a social and supportive atmosphere promoting general aviation safety.

Since our founding at Strawberry Glen Field near the Boise River in 1974, Ponderosa Aero Club has provided top-notch flight training and aircraft rental in a club environment. Our CFI members instruct for private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine and flight instructor ratings, along with endorsements for conventional, high-performance and complex aircraft. We also offer extensive backcountry flight training. Our aircraft, including Cessna 172s, a 182 and a 210,  a Cherokee 140, two Arrows and an Archer, are equipped with Garmin 430, 530, and 650 GPS systems.

Safety programs benefitting club members and the community continue to be at the forefront of our operations. Previous topics have included weather, proper marshaling techniques, aircraft care and operation, aircraft performance and GPS training.

We are a strong voice for general aviation and work alongside aviation agencies including air traffic control, the FAA Flight Standards District Office, the Idaho Aviation Association, the Idaho Transportation Department Division of Aeronautics, and Boise Airport operations.

Family, friends and members of the aviation community are always encouraged to participate in our social events. We plan and host the annual Warm Springs Airstrip campout, plane washing, fly-outs to other airports, local fly-over July 4th tours, and Christmas lights tours. We also have enjoyed bike rides, ice cream socials, BBQs, and movie nights.