Fred Ritchie Solos @ BOI

Fred soloed during the calm before the storm in KBOI on June 5th.  He was ready and his instructor Tyson Kepler saw an opportunity.  Shortly after his flight the sunset storm came rolling in.  Congratulations to both of you!

Oil Change Change

  Important: New Adding Oil process  

OilTote-300Do you have nightmares the night before a flight that involves finding a low oil indication on the dipstick during the preflight inspection thus requiring you to open up the tote and once again being confronted with a mini oil spill.  In our continual quest of improving members experience the process of adding oil has been tweaked.  In general the change is that any item that touches oil is immediately thrown in the trash and not stored in the aircraft.  The goal is to keep the tote clean and to not have any oil contaminated items in it.

Next time you have to add a quart expect to find a nice clean tote with two quarts of oil individually wrapped in a ziplock bag.  Affixed to the bag are instructions and inside you will see disposable shop towels for cleaning hands and oil spills plus a paper funnel.  Now read close – here is the drill.  Remove the quart of oil from the bag, remove its’ cap and set aside within reach.  Take the funnel and place in the oil filler tube applying light constant pressure to it.  With your free hand pour the oil in the funnel.  Now here is the big change, drum roll please  – the empty oil container goes directly to the nearest trash can.  Do not pass Go, do not collect $200 but go immediately to the trash can by the fuel pump or the one near the north end of the shade hangar.  Along with the empty oil container throw away the funnel and any paper towels used.  Can you see the theme here?  We do not want any oil contaminated items placed back in the tote or airplane.  Finally, remember that tail number marked bag you took the oil from?  That is what you take in after your flight and drop off on the desk.

Now you can lose sleep over something like not remembering to close your flight plan.


Adam Troutman – CFI/Advanced Ground Instructor

Another CFI from the Ponderosa ranks.  Adam adds some more acronyms to his ticket having earned his CFI and Advance Ground Instructor on May 29th. Arlyn Miller was his DPE.  Adam did all his training with CFII/MEI David Moler.

Brandon Jones – CFI

Brandon Jones was working to be a CFI before his 21st birthday, and he almost made it. Ten days later on April 29th Brandon Jones proved to DPE Greg Herbert that he knows his stuff. Brandon says he is currently accepting new students so he can share what he’s worked hard to earn.

Travis Davidson Solos @ BOI

Travis Davidson soloed at KBOI April 27th with his instructor Jon-Michael listening on the ramp. He joined Ponderosa Aero Club and started training this spring so he can take his family on trips and into the back country.

Ashley Goul Solos!

Ashley Goul solo’d on April 7th in his trusty steed Piper N2171Y. Air traffic control gave him a hard time and he handled it brilliantly.

Jeff Larsen Solos!

March 9 was the day and it was a great one for a solo flight.  Next milestone those solo cross country flights.  Good job Jeff!


Congrats Adam T.

adamAdam passed his IFR checkride.
Instructor: David Moler
DPE: Julian Pridmore-Brown.