Back Country Ground School

Hey back country flyers, before you know it the snows will melt and the strips will be dried out and ready for use.  That means it is time to get exploring the amazing flying in Idaho backcountry.  One of our skilled backcountry instructors will work with you one on one to make sure you are safe before taking off on your own.  You are encouraged to do homework on your own looking into the following topics.  There are several fine free classes around the area every year, too.  Aim to attend one of them!

• Pilot Requirementsxxxxxx• Weather
• Mountain Flying Rulesxxx.• Position Reports
• Aircraft Performancexxxx.• Field Inspection
• Visualizing Liftxxxxxxxxxx.• Care of Equipment
• Crossing Ridgesxxxxxxxxx• Forced Landings
• Flying Canyonsxxxxxxxxx.• Crashworthiness
• Radius of Turnxxxxxxxxxx• Survival Equipment

So you are not a back country flyer.  Most likely you fly around, near or over mountainous terrain.  The material presented in this ground school is applicable to you, too.

Are you interested in back country flying?  If so, take note that the club requirement’s are that you must have 125 hrs total time logged, have flown 10 hrs in the previous 90 days before your back country dual instruction commences and finally have a minimum of 10 hrs in the make & model of aircraft you intend on using for your back country flights.