Meet Our Staff

Ponderosa Aero Club staff are dedicated to making our members flying safe, convenient, fun, and affordable. We are here to assist members whether it be helping with scheduling aircraft and/or instructors, billing questions, or just hanging out for a bit of hangar flying; the staff is here for you.

Brett Boesiger // General Manager

Brett began flying in the summer of 2009 at a small FBO located in a great flying community of Minot, North Dakota. Some years later he attained his instrument rating, commercial, certified flight instructor, and multi-engine instructor certificates. In 2015, Brett began his commercial pilot career as a flight instructor and aerial pipeline inspector out in the oil fields of North Dakota. Brett is originally from Idaho, his family resides in Boise, so he was thrilled at the opportunity to begin flight instructing at Ponderosa Aero Club, and get back to his roots. Brett was even more excited to be presented with the offer to become the General Manager. He loves aviation and is excited to serve the club and its many members.

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Sharki Kontra // Accountant / Organisateur

For as long as Sharki can remember she’s had dreams of soaring in the air. Becoming a pilot after high school was not an option nor encouraged. Instead Sharki put herself through college, started a career that allowed travel, had children and the idea of being a pilot seem more unattainable. Because of her desire to be in the air she found ways to be in a commercial airliner and often bought a ticket to somewhere just to fly. When she realized that she was happiest in the air, she found Ponderosa Aero Club and secretly obtained her private pilot license in 2011. She began living her dream and discovered her passion. Sharki has an instrument rating, commercial single-engine land and single-engine seaplane certificates, flies tailwheel aircraft, has complex and high performance endorsements, and is always improving her backcountry skills. Currently she is working on adding a multi-engine rating to her commercial certificate, and a certified flight instructor certificate. Due to her education and experiences, she found a role at Ponderosa updating their accounting system and editing the monthly newsletter, along with coordinating many of the club’s events and social activities, and assisting the manager. Sharki’s goal is to inspire other women to find their passion and follow their dreams.

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