Meet Our Staff

Ponderosa Aero Club staff are dedicated to making our members flying safe, convenient, fun, and affordable. We are here to assist members whether it be helping with scheduling aircraft and/or instructors, billing questions, or just hanging out for a bit of hangar flying; the staff is here for you.

Janna Greenhalgh // General Manager

On July 4th, 2004 Janna soloed a Cherokee 140 in Groton, Connecticut. Since then her commercial flying adventures have included winter whale surveys, charter and scheduled flights in New England, banner towing, natural resource pilot and cloud seeding. With more than 6,000 flight hours she is delighted to combine her previous years of non-profit and volunteer management and share her life-long passion of aviation as the general manager of the Ponderosa Aero Club.

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Sharki Kontra // Accountant / Organisateur

For as long as Sharki can remember she’s had dreams of soaring in the air. Becoming a pilot after high school was not an option nor encouraged. Instead Sharki put herself through college, started a career that allowed travel, had children and the idea of being a pilot seem more unattainable. When she realized that she was happiest in the air, she found Ponderosa Aero Club and secretly obtained her private pilot license in 2011. She began living her dream and discovered her passion. Sharki has an instrument rating, commercial multi-engine land, commercial single-engine land and single-engine seaplane certificates, flies tailwheel aircraft, has complex and high performance endorsements, and is always improving her backcountry skills. She has a ground school instructor certificate and plans to fly corporate jets part-time. Due to her education and experiences, she found a role at Ponderosa updating their accounting system, assisting the manager, coordinating some of the club’s events and social activities, and being a liaison with various aviation organizations. Sharki’s goal is to inspire other adults, especially women to find their passion and follow their dreams.

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Zach Ravlin // Ramp and Office Assistant

Zach Ravlin was provided a flight with the Young Eagles in 2011 and has dreamed of becoming a pilot ever since. In 2014 Zach joined the United States Civil Air Patrol and started hanging out around airports whenever time allowed. The aviation community and his family have nourished Zach’s love for aviation. Zach recently began taking flight lessons at the Boise Airport. He enjoys photography and videos his training whenever possible. Zach plans to have his private pilot license by 2018 and then begin building time to achieve commercial and flight instructor certificates.

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