Sharki Goes IFR

Ya’ll know Sharki has been working on an instrument rating.  Well, to bring in the new year on Tuesday January 5th the checkride was taken.  Rumor has it the only slip occurred while preflighting.  She slid down the wing while disembarking the aircraft.  Given the option to reschedule she said no way.  The gash on the hand was tended to and the flight commenced.  Examiner was Greg Herbert.  Congrats!

Sharki Instrument Checkride 2-250

Justin Perkins: Added Single Engine Privileges

JPrknsJustin Perkins likes to obtain his ratings in an unorthodox manner. As pilots normally do, Justin earned his private pilot certificate first, instrument rating next, then he learned to fly a multi-engine and got private pilot multi-engine land privileges. He then upgraded his certificate to multi-engine commercial on Jan 3, 2016, adding single engine privileges to his commercial certificate. Seems like a complicated and expensive way to get commercial single and multi-engine privileges but congratulations to Justin.