TJ Westall Adds a Multi Rating

TJ Westall trained with Ponderosa for all of his fixed-wing ratings from his private pilot certificate to his multi-engine.  Today, June 26th he completed his multi-engine rating in 9.7 hours including the check ride (with Jullian Pridmore-Brown), and in triple digit temporatures!  TJ Westall wants our members to know, “Getting a multi-engine in less than 10 hours is possible…so go out and do it.”

And Go Vandals!

Matt Brigliadoro Solos!

Matt Brigliadoro is an air traffic controller at Mountain Home Air Force Base and the BOI Tower must have known, because they had this student pilot do 4 360’s during at least 2 of his trips around the pattern, and asked him questions about a fire in the distance.  Matt said to Ponderosa staff after landing, “I was kinda busy”.  Congratulations on your first solo.

Cheryl McCord Solos!

Cheryl’s schedule allowed for only midday flying when the heat, mechanical turbulence and thermals were at their worst.  All of this was making it rather challenging to put the finishing polish on  her landings.  CFI David Moler suggested she try flying in the morning.  So, on June 28 at 7:00 she did a couple landings and that’s all it took.  David got out of the plane and Cheryl did her 3 touch & goes in KBOI.  By the time she was done, the temp had increased to nearly 100 degrees and was still rising.

Steve Boatman Solos @ BOI

Steve boatman battled 95 degree weather to solo on June 8th.  He reported that the engine sounded a little rough to him.  Instructor Jon-Michael said it must have just been quieter in the cockpit finally.  Good job guys.

Fred Ritchie Solos @ BOI

Fred soloed during the calm before the storm in KBOI on June 5th.  He was ready and his instructor Tyson Kepler saw an opportunity.  Shortly after his flight the sunset storm came rolling in.  Congratulations to both of you!

Travis Davidson Solos @ BOI

Travis Davidson soloed at KBOI April 27th with his instructor Jon-Michael listening on the ramp. He joined Ponderosa Aero Club and started training this spring so he can take his family on trips and into the back country.

Ashley Goul Solos!

Ashley Goul solo’d on April 7th in his trusty steed Piper N2171Y. Air traffic control gave him a hard time and he handled it brilliantly.

Jeff Larsen Solos!

March 9 was the day and it was a great one for a solo flight.  Next milestone those solo cross country flights.  Good job Jeff!