Each year during the club’s annual meeting a slate of members are elected by the general membership to act as Director’s.  Ponderosa Aero Club is fortunate to have dedicated members that take the time from their personal schedules to oversee the general operations and address the many unseen challenges that come with keeping a successful operation the caliber of PAC going.

Aaron Hassemer

Aaron began instructing at Ponderosa Aero Club in November 2015. Because of his
love for aviation he has earned Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor ratings
and has become a CFII in both airplanes and helicopters. In addition, he has an
A&P license and often helps the mechanics at SP Aircraft during his down time be-
tween students. Aaron, a proficient tailwheel pilot, volunteers with the Idaho Avia-
tion Association helping maintain backcountry airstrips. He also served on his
neighborhood association board for 6 years. He has owned and co-owned a Kitfox
6, Cessnas 177, 182 and 206. He has 20+ years of aviation experience which he
believes will make him an asset to the board of directors at Ponderosa.

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Cam Echanis

In June 2011, my girlfriend gave me a Discovery Flight for my birthday. Jokingly she wrote on my birthday card “now we can fly to McCall…” Up to that date, I never considered flying and only been in private single engine planes a handful of times. On February 12th of 2012, I took my Discovery Flight with Dave Moler and that was it, I was hooked. After the flight and debrief was complete, Dave asked me how I liked it and all I could say is “where do I sign?” A year later, I had my private pilot license.

This is one of the most exciting things I have ever done and enjoy continuing education and camaraderie of aviation. Flying has taken the place of some of the exciting things I did in my younger days, great to have a passion.

From the time of my Discovery Flight, my experience with Ponderosa Aero Club has been outstanding. My hope is that this club continues to provide great experiences for novice aviators as well as the experienced pilots. I feel compelled and obligated to continue the great experiences I have had with PAC and my aviation opportunities.

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Hunter Hodges

Hunter moved to Idaho from Alabama at the beginning of 2013 and joined Ponderosa Aero Club shortly thereafter. He earned a private pilot license in 2010 after being exposed to general aviation for many years by family members and friends. He holds high performance, complex, and tailwheel endorsements, and hopes to achieve instrument and commercial ratings in the coming years. One of his favorite flying destinations is the Idaho backcountry where he is checked out at several airstrips and has many more on the bucket list. His wife Shelley enjoys riding right seat, and always brings her camera to document the adventure. Other hobbies include skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, whitewater kayaking, and mountain biking. Hunter is a project manager for a local structural engineering firm and is a licensed professional and structural engineer, with current projects in Idaho and several other states and countries.

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Joe Ellis

Aside from business, my passion is flying and I do it every chance I get. I just finished my commercial rating for ASEL and will move onto my Multi-Engine Commercial, then perhaps a CFI. I put a lot of hours on club aircraft last year and plan to do the same this year. Joe comes to the board with a solid business background including 15 years of experience in Finance and Accounting.

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Nick Hough

After five years in the Marine Corps, working as a Aviation Electrician on the EA-6B Prowler, Nick decided it was time to learn to fly. In 2013 he earned his Private Pilot's license and has continued his training in Idaho's backcountry as well as working towards his Instrument rating.

In addition to a love of flying, Nick is passionate about business. He owns and operates Port One Five, a web development company based in downtown Boise.

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Val Rivers

Val's interest in aviation is about as old as he is. In fact not joining the Air Force in his youth is "one of my life regrets" says Val. It was his son Jordon, who grew up listening as grandpa told stories of bygone Air Force days, inspired Val to learn to fly. With in days of Jordon's 16th birthday he and Val took an introductory flight at Ponderosa. Soon after they were members of Ponderosa Aero Club. Beginning their journey towards earning that coveted credit card sized piece of plastic adorned with Orville's and Wilbur's images - also known as a pilots licence. The shared experiences of this endeavor and the subsequent family flying have been and continue to be priceless moments in the River's lives.

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