Club Meetings

Get involved in your club by attending an activities planning meeting.  Unless noted meetings are held in the Lounge 6PM – 7PM.

Stay on top of current technology and expand your technical knowledge by joining in a study group or attending a Safety Tutorial.  Unless noted sessions are held in the Lounge 6PM – 8PM. 

  [Planning is underway for 2017 and 2018 sessions.  If you have a topic idea contact staff.] 


Past activities ———————————————————-

  Safety Tutorial  – Those Pesky Medicals  [ September 16 ]  
Ralph Sutherlin, member and former AME,  will hold a Q and A on the topic of pilot medicals.  You provide the “Q” and he will do his best to provide the “A”.  See September newsletter for more information.

  What Is the ILS?  [ February 25 ]  
What is the ILS (Instrument Landing System), where on the field is it located and how does it work? – a local ILS technician will provide answers to our burning questions. This may inspire you to start your instrument rating!
xx• False “Nulls” – A misleading indication of a good ILS approach
xx• CDI indications – What your aircraft is seeing to move the needle
xx• The ILS system as a whole ( Outer Marker, Inner Marker Etc.)
xx• Future of ILS – GPS / WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System)
Come find out about all this and more!

  MOA’s and Warthogs  [ March 18 ]  
MOAs and Restricted Airspace and the missions the A-10 pilots perform there.  Come to our March safety tutorial to hear the A-10 pilots tell us what they think of GA pilots and what happens in the airspace when our aircraft venture through.  They will bring a PowerPoint brief on the capabilities of the A-10s with a Q/A session following.

  Safety Tutorial – Crew Resource Management for General Aviation  [ April 16 ]  
Discussion will include topics such as how to get the most out of your single pilot workload using all of your available resources, best practices for working in a 2 pilot crew environment and ways you can reduce your workload in an emergency using those sitting next to you. These discussions are casual, feel free to bring a “beverage.”

  Safety Tutorial  – Aviation Vision  Safety  [ May 20 ]  
Chuck Yeager reportedly had 20/10 vision, but what does that really mean? Why do we have trouble focusing up close after age 40? What are the vision standards and best vision correction options for pilots? Do laser pointers really cause a serious threat to pilot’s vision? What eye diseases can prevent you from passing an aviation medical exam? What are the best sunglasses for pilots? Come to the Aviation Vision seminar presented by Ponderosa Aero Club member pilot and optometric physician Gregory Bodily, O.D. to learn all about aviation vision and have all of your questions answered.

  Safety Tutorial – The Keys to Survival  [ June 24 ]  
Jerry Todd, a long-time prepper, is the founder of PHD Preparedness; providing emergency preparedness and survival classes on a wide variety of topics. Come listen to him speak on what it takes to be prepared for the unexpected accident.

  Safety Tutorial  – The F-15’s Are Coming  [ July 8 ]  
“Splash” (aka Jason Roberts) will be giving us a heads up on what to expect with 20+ F-15’s operating out of the Air National Guard ramp this summer while MHAFB under goes runway repairs.

  Safety Tutorial  – Diamond DA40/G1000 Overview  [ August 12 ]  
John Davis will cover basic VFR operation of the DA40 and G1000.  Pizza and beer provided so let us know if you are coming.