Ponderosa Aero Club has been offering superior flight training and providing its membership with a well maintained fleet of aircraft since 1974.  Our staff of qualified and experienced instructors provide training for private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine and flight instructor ratings in addition to backcountry checkouts, high performance, complex and tail wheel endorsements.  We instruct under both Part 61 and Part 141 rules.  Once you learn to fly at Ponderosa, you’ll never need to look elsewhere for your flying needs.  Our fleet is comprised of basic VFR platforms for the pilot seeking a low cost solution to those $100 hamburger flights and technically advanced aircraft equipped with Garmin 430, 530, and 650 GPS systems for those long cross country flights. Ponderosa also hosts numerous safety seminars and social activities throughout the year.

Learning to fly can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding activities of your life.  Learn to fly with Ponderosa Aero Club and we’ll coordinate your training around your schedule.  You learn at your own pace and work one-on-one with your instructor.  We use the Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery System which is an integrated form of flight training.  By integrated, we mean that the ground school is integrated into your actual flight training.  You study, you fly, you study, you fly, so that you’re never learning something that you don’t immediately go out and apply, which increases your retention rate and decreases the actual cost of learning to fly.

A Breakdown of Basic Private Pilot Costs*

40 Hours FAA Minimum Required Total Time consists of:
20hrs Dual Instruction @ $49/hr $980
20hrs Aircraft Cessna 172 @ $92/hr + tax $1950
20 Hours Solo @ $92/hr + tax $1950
Ground Instruction** Varies
Written Exam Fee $150
Private Pilot Kit $300
3rd Class Flight Physical $80
Oral/Flight Test Fee $350
Total estimated costs: $5760 or $6740

The not so fine print …..
Keep in mind that this is the absolute minimum required by the FAA.  The national average for total time of private pilot applicants is around 70 hours.  Our students average 50-60 hours, so don’t be deceived by other flight schools that tell you that everyone can do this in 40 hours.  A few folks can, but most won’t.  We tell our students to plan on spending around $7000-$10,000.  Hint: flying 2-3 times a week can go a long way in keeping the total cost down.

** Ground instruction – The Jeppesen course is an integrated flight training course that consists of part self-study and part one-on-one with an instructor @$49/hr so the amount spent on ground instruction can vary by the preparedness of the student.  Hint: Do your homework.

So, where do you begin?  You could start with an Introductory Flight.  Or, you can become a Ponderosa member and begin your flight training in earnest.  First step in joining is to complete an application and return it with $30 (application fee).  We will run driving record and credit checks.  If those come back satisfactorily in a couple of days, we sit you down and go over our membership agreement, Club by-laws, and rule book.  We sell you, at cost, the Private Pilot Kit which contains all your books, and everything you’ll need to learn to fly.  Next we’ll put you with a flight instructor who’ll meet with you, get to know you, and personalize a flight training schedule just for you.

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