Introductory Flight Lesson

When an aircraft, be it large or small, flies overhead, do you find yourself looking up? Do you imagine yourself sitting in the left seat piloting that airplane? Is your hectic schedule finally easing up to where there is time to start that unfulfilled dream of flight training? If there was a “yes”, it’s time we talk.

Ponderosa Aero Club offers an Introductory Flight Lesson to those interested in gaining the skills to become your own pilot. This approximately one hour flight conducted by a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) begins with a “ground school” session. During this time your instructor will:

• Answer any questions you have about the process of learning to fly and obtaining a license.
• Discuss the basic aerodynamics that get and keep an aircraft in the air.
• Present a thorough briefing on each phase of your flight (take off, landing and maneuvering).
• Discuss air traffic control (ATC) radio communications that you will hear.

After ground school, it’s out to the ramp where your instructor will guide you through a preflight inspection of the aircraft. Once it is deemed airworthy, you board the aircraft, buckle in, look in awe at all those gauges, dials, and knobs – and maybe have a couple of butterflies. Soon the rumble of the engine chases away the butterflies and your attention is drawn to the indecipherable conversation going on between your CFI and who knows who. In short order, you are taxiing the airplane out to the runway. Final checks are made during the “runup”, one last short dialog with a controller and then the nose is pointed to the far end of the runway. The throttle is advanced and after a few seconds accelerating flying speed is reached, you raise the nose slightly and your aircraft is airborne. Climbing out there is some more gibberish talk between your instructor and some remote voice, but this time you hardly notice as your focus is on the shrinking ground based objects and the vast empty sky ahead. Once airborne ……..

Introductory Flight Lesson / Ground School


To complete the story call 208.344.5401 and schedule your Introductory Flight Lesson today and begin the adventure.