William Foote – Multi-engine Instructor

William-m350William Foote, Ponderosa’s general manager passed his multi-engine instructor checkride on March 3rd. William may say that is was difficult and he’s had to work hard for all of his ratings, but we don’t believe him. We can confirm that he only studied 2.83 days. After the oral with Julian Pridmore-Brown, they went up in the Seneca III just as a front and a storm was passing over KBOI. He impressed Julian, they had some fun and then came back laughing. That’s how checkrides should be…

Joe Ellis – Commercial Pilot [20 Feb 2016]

JEllisCommJoe began his commercial training exactly one year ago. After a year of training, practicing and five check ride cancellations because of weather, he passed his checkride February 20th. Business travel, aircraft not available when Joe was and winter weather all had a part in the long endeavor. But, Joe persevered always keeping the end goal in sight. Congratulations!

Brad Wood – can fly following the roads now even if he can’t see’em!

bradwoodBrad Wood took his IFR checkride Friday February 5th with Julian Pridmore-Brown and passed with ease. Brad commuted by car to Boise from Hailey every week to train with Rick Reierson. Probably logged as many miles on his car as he did in the airplane. Brad’s not stopping now. He plans to start his commercial training on Monday, and eventually become a commercial pilot.

Sharki Goes IFR

Ya’ll know Sharki has been working on an instrument rating.  Well, to bring in the new year on Tuesday January 5th the checkride was taken.  Rumor has it the only slip occurred while preflighting.  She slid down the wing while disembarking the aircraft.  Given the option to reschedule she said no way.  The gash on the hand was tended to and the flight commenced.  Examiner was Greg Herbert.  Congrats!

Sharki Instrument Checkride 2-250

Brandon Jones Is Moving On


Brandon Jones is taking his CFI rating, recently earned at Ponderosa, and moving to Texas.  He has accepted a gig instructing foreign students who eventually will be going back home to take up airline jobs.  The job offers Brandon a clear path to the cockpit of a regional jet.  Flying RJ’s will go a long way in helping Brandon achieve his long term goal of flying corporate jets.  Congratulations Brandon everyone at PAC wishes you the best.