Philip Thien Has His IFR Rating

PthienPhilip is now certified – as in fully capable and granted by the FAA the full right and privilege to aviate by reference to instruments.  Congratulations and good job to Rick on his instruction.  DPE was Greg Herbert.


Wade Douglass Solos July 8!!

wadeSoloWade Douglass soloed today!! The traffic was busy at KBOI, really busy so he and CFI David Moler went to Caldwell to solo. Wade’s take offs and landings were so impressive that a pilot standing by commented to David about his student’s pattern work. Wade on the other hand, was excited that he finally accomplished the first step of completing his life long dream of being a pilot, and is looking forward to finishing his certificate.

StaciLei Solos!!!

StaciSoloStaciLei Tyau barely began flight training in Hawaii before moving to Boise for college at BSU. Even though she has a full workload she’s been persistent and today, June 30th, she soloed in Boise with her CFI Rick Reierson watching and listening in the tarmac.

New Bags

  We’ve Gone Soft!  

canbag-m30Our gray metal cans have been replaced by stylin’ soft sided bags.  The cans served us well but were getting a little rickety – aren’t we all.  But there is more to the story.  Checklists are now bound and laminated and will be kept in the bags.  As a routine copies will not be maintained in the aircraft.  So it is imperative that the black bag goes out to the plane with you on each flight.  Obviously, it is important that the checklists are returned to the bag and the bag is placed back in its’ appropriate slot on the shelf after your flight.  The hope is that being bound and laminated will reduce the possibility of the checklists accidentally ending up in your flight bag. Inside the bag is the VOR Check Log with contact information on the back and the “Words of Wisdom” pamphlet.  If you have a suggestion on what else we should include let us know.