Brandon Jones – CFI

Brandon Jones was working to be a CFI before his 21st birthday, and he almost made it. Ten days later on April 29th Brandon Jones proved to DPE Greg Herbert that he knows his stuff. Brandon says he is currently accepting new students so he can share what he’s worked hard to earn.

Travis Davidson Solos @ BOI

Travis Davidson soloed at KBOI April 27th with his instructor Jon-Michael listening on the ramp. He joined Ponderosa Aero Club and started training this spring so he can take his family on trips and into the back country.

TJ Park Gets His PPSEL

Some people were scurrying about to get their taxes done on April 15, but TJ Park took his private pilot checkride with Greg Herbert and passed. He has already taken his wife, baby girl and multiple flying since he earned his wings.

Ashley Goul Solos!

Ashley Goul solo’d on April 7th in his trusty steed Piper N2171Y. Air traffic control gave him a hard time and he handled it brilliantly.